Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods

EdxTM, developed by the American Fred Gallo, is regarded as one of the four most effective psychotherapeutic methods. It is based on the assumption that fears are manifested as disturbances in our energy system.

These disturbances in the energy system often occur after a traumatic or unpleasant event and often remain undiscovered. Profound events like the death of a loved one, but also seemingly unimportant incidents such as a rebuke received years ago as a child, can be the hidden cause of these disturbances. It is necessary to identify the cause, because the body’s energy, which flows through channels known as meridians, can be blocked by these traumas or mini-traumas. Affected people often clearly communicate this in figures of speech like “I can feel it in my bones,” or “I can’t get over it..

Now we can begin to work on these disturbing, negative emotions with the clear goal of re-establishing the energy balance. While the client – guided by me as the coach – thinks about his or her emotionally laden issue, I identify trigger points from acupuncture. These points are then “tapped” by the client – in order to unblock the energy and release the fear. The result: the energy in the body can flow again and feelings undergo a positive change.