A Good Start Counts

Fears can only be effectively dealt with if we understand what lies at the root of them, and are fully aware of the effect they have on our daily lives.

In order to reach a particular goal, we need to understand our exact starting position. Use the personal navigator and invest five minutes to evaluate your current situation. You can answer the following questions completely spontaneously and send them to me. I will then contact you to arrange a phone interview. During the subsequent phone call, we will establish how I can best assist you. Of course you can also simply use the answers without passing them on to me, in order to gain a better idea of what you want to achieve with my help or the help of someone else.


1) What are you afraid of?
2) What do you do to avoid feeling afraid?
3) How much time and energy does your fear cost you?

Ho much?

4) What would your life look like without this fear ?
5) What do you want to achieve with coaching?