Chemistry Check

In order to work well together, it is important that the chemistry between us is right.


This short checklist is designed to give you an initial impression of what to expect:

I expect a relaxed, trusting atmosphere. My partner takes me through the process as a professional discussion partner, is mentally and emotionally tuned in, asks me sensible and targeted questions and works with me to develop an appropriate solution.

I don’t want any "pre-packaged," generic solutions. I require interventions based on my specific situation that will help me in the process of self-reflection, gaining new perspectives and changing my behavioral patterns as necessary.

We will work together as partners. The aim is to develop approaches and alternatives that will make my issues less of a burden or even make them disappear altogether.

I’m open to taking an unusual approach to dealing with my issues.I’m open to taking an unusual approach to dealing with my issues.

I’m looking forward to soul-searching questions and “mind games.” New perspectives and approaches will enhance my self-awareness and enable me to change my old “patterns.”

Short-term results are desirable, but I am particularly interested in the long-term effects.